Texas and Executions

Execution American Style, 65 x 90, 1999, T4, ID 105Today they plan to execute a man in Texas. How long is it going to take Texas and the US in general to do away with the death penalty.They did it once, they can do it again.

Here is a painting I did in 1999 depicting people on death row and malfunctioning attempts at executing people that I read about in the New York Times. I collected those articles over time and collaged them into a painting. Texas is a brutal place, full of Christians that have not heard ¬†of” Thou shalt not kill”. I guess it does not apply in Texas. I am from England and they hung an innocent man in 1954 .When it became apparent they had made a mistake they did away with the death penalty. I am sure a few innocent people have been hung, electrocuted, or put down with drugs here in the US. It’s my birthday tomorrow I hope the guy wins his appeal.