Memories of Bob Thompson.

I first met Bob Thompson in Provincetown Mass along with Gandy Brodie, Red Grooms, Bob Beauchamp and Emilio Cruz. It was a very special time for me as a painter. We where all about the same age and looking for a new approach to painting. We wanted to reintroduce the figure. Most artists at that time in Provincetown where abstract painters and it was becoming just liberally sloshing paint around.

Bob Thompson stood out to me. I went to Europe in 1961. I was in Italy looking for a friend only to find out he had gone to Ibiza as it was cheaper. Cheap was what lured artists. I went to Ibiza and wee found him and his wife in Santa Eulalia. In the town of Ibiza we sat outside a cafe contemplating our next move, when along came Bob Thompson and his wife Carol. The had been there a month coming from Paris. Here is a work by Bob derived from Goya’s ┬áCaprices of war…………To be continued