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The Argument – on canvas

This is a short one by Bill Barrell today. He had another blog all prepared and ready to go, but unfortunately we didn’t have the photo of the painting ready yet!  So, Bill was able to gather his thoughts about this oil painting, called “The Argument”, which has been a favorite of many for its color and verve. 

The Argument

– –  I had an argument once with my wife. I went to the studio and vented my spleen on a canvas. I could argue on a canvas.

Colours are very expressive and in this work, the reds and blues clash, seeming to release the anger I felt.  Meanwhile, the female figure is a calmer yellow. She is doing a Pygmalion and stepping out of the painting. Is she going to calm him or irritate him?  Who is that figure floating on the right? I think he is probably my spiritual referee. Of course, we will never really know as they are frozen in time.

 If we look at DeKoonings’ “Marilyn”, we see that he freezes her in space and time. She appears to be in motion but is going nowhere. This work is a fine example of what expressionist work is all about – catching that moment and freezing it. – –