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Good Eye for Art and the Scary Painting

It’s sometimes hard to figure with figurative expressionist art. Bill Barrell thought he had created a painting too scary for children, but his daughter and granddaughter must think otherwise.

–  For thirty years, I have watched my daughter Liza grow up. She has given me so much pleasure over the years.

I have watched her go from that little ball of childish energy into a mature woman of thirty with two children of her own. I have often documented her and still do from time to time. I think from her being present in the studio quite a bit and helping me in the kitchen from an early age, she has developed a very good eye for art. Now that she has her own home, she often comes and asks if she can borrow such and such piece of artwork. There is never a no. It give me such pleasure that she enjoys the work so much.

She borrowed this painting and it now hangs at the top of the stairs in her house. At first, I was worried about it as it is a painting of someone looking very alarmed and that Ruby, my three year old granddaughter, would have to pass by it every night on her way to bed. I asked my son-in-law if she was bothered by it, he said no, she likes it. So I asked Ruby what she thought of the painting and she said, “I love it, GrandPa.  I say good night to it when I go to bed.” Go figure. Nothing scary about it at all.

Now Ruby spends some time with me in the studio. We have a large collaborative work going on. It is a never ending piece. I use OOP! paint from the hardware store because it’s water based. OOP! paint are paints that people have mixed and not liked. It’s a dollar a quart so we have fun sloshing it around. She gets up on my steps and I hand her the paint with no directing. She splatters it on in a free manner.

Ruby’s Nana is a nurse and sometimes Ruby likes to play at being a doctor. (So far she has done a quadruple bypass and replaced one kidney on me!) She has said she might like to be a doctor when she grows up. I said to her, “Perhaps, Ruby, you would like to be an artist”.  Ruby answered, “I am an artist.”    –