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Massacre of the Innocent

Child Killers, oil on canvas, 14"x17", 1980 by Bill Barrell
Child Killers, oil on canvas, 14″x17″, 1980 by Bill Barrell

The recent massacre in Newtown, CT USA reminds me of a painting I did in 1980 that was triggered by reading of the Mai Lai killing during the Vietnam War. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope my painting does express my feelings about innocent people being killed during a war. However, I would like to say a few words about the current killing of innocent children and adults in Newtown, CT.

This incident can happen again and will happen again if we do not change the laws. This is not an easy thing to do because of the Second Amendment. But the NRA has to be brought into check otherwise the slaughtering will go on. Members of Congress and the Senate have to be made painfully aware of this through the vote and to realize they will have blood on their hands. They have to also realize that bullying by the gun lobby has to come to an end.

I live in Pennsylvania and have made my views known to all the representatives I support, that if they continued to be bullied by the gun lobby my support would end as it would mean blood on my hands too. I was happy to hear that Senator Bob Casey, a staunch gun advocate, has decided to change his views on gun laws. I hope he has come to this conclusion by himself. But I like to think that my telling him I would not support him, and encouraging others to do the same, has budged him from his stance.

I urge anyone reading this who is in line with my views to follow suit.  Contact your representatives.

Let’s not wait for another tragedy.