The echo of a scream.

I read a book review recently in the NY Times about The art of Edvard Munch by Karl Ove Knausgaard. Well known for his painting ” The scream “The article is not so much about “The scream” but about the language of painting and the muteness of it. How a painting can emit emotions that are hard to describe or translate.

As a painter I under stand how Karl Ove Knausgaard author of ” So much longing in so little space” that it is difficult to put into words the feelings a painting can emit. For many painters painting is a format by which they can build on a familiar theme. Take Rothko for instance. This is OK and requires a lot of discipline. However there are painters like myself who allow a painting from the start take us by the hand and lead us through the labyrinth of our minds. There is no format but the shapes and forms stored like dusty bottles of fine wines. Some not so fine.

The painting here ” The echo of a scream” took a lot of hard work and digging. Here is a place painters reach that I often refer to as the “Fourth Dimension” . It is a state of mind where one is not aware of what is going into the painting. It can take minutes or hours and is exhausting. The only way to understand it is to be in that dimension. Not all painters experience it. So it is easy for me to understand where this writer is coming from. It is a language unto it’s own and cannot be translated with ease