Summer on it’s way.

Summer is just around the corner. Back into bathing suites splashing in the river Doon strolling beneath the warm summer moon. Chasing fish with reel and rod no school no homework to spoil the evening calm the terrier from her prison breaks to find her lover deep beneath the rhododendron bush making babies making love.

The artist.

Artists capture the essence of the truth by seeing themselves as the conduit to the canvass. Children not being taught art just draw and paint the way they feel and we don’t question what they do. Later in life most kids give up art. Some go onto art classes, perhaps drawing that can become very disheartening as not many can draw a hand of foot exactly as it looks. A few go on and pursue the arts and become very successful at it.

In a roundabout way I was lucky not to be sent to art school as my brother was . He is now a painter and does mostly landscapes. I did not start painting until I was 24. With no education I was free to express myself. Here I am in the studio . Nothing realistic about this. Just seeing myself focusing on the truth.