Provincetown looms large in my life. It is were the artistic seed planted deep in my mind as a young boy sprouted at the age of twenty four. It taught me how to express myself. I hooked up with other artists such as Pat De Groote, Mimi Gross, Bob Henry, Bob Thompson, Bob Beauchamp, Red Grooms to mention just a few. I learned from all of them. I met collectors Like Walter Chrysler , Jules Fleishman, and Hudson Walker. All collected my art . That was in the late fifties early sixties. I had no schooling. Hans Hoffman had a school but I could not afford it. The best I could do was sit in and listen to critiques. So I develop my own method of approaching a canvass, surprise it. hooking up with other artists such as Tony and Elspeth Vevers , Red grooms, Bob Thompson I watched as they developed. The galleries were full abstract paintings. The people I met were trying to insert the figure back into painting and they were succeeding in doing so.

So Provincetown is where I bloomed and have deep roots in the place. It has gone through many changes but remains a place I often think back on. Art is the essence of life.

Vacation, 26 x 36, 1990, oil on canvas