Responders to 9/11

Loosing the twin towers was a great shock. I lived at that time in Paulus Hook in Jersey City, a block from the river. We could see the towers from our front steps. Every day it was a pleasure to see them with their beveled edges glinting in the sun light. I had planed to photograph them from our roof for 360 days. They changed their appearance constantly.

On the day it happened known as 9/11 I watched in awe as the first one burned. People able to get across to Jersey City staggered through the streets. We offered what little assistance we could, the three T’s toilet, telephone and tea. People were in shock. The second tower was hit and it was horrible. I had a friend taking photo’s from the Path station. A German tourist asked what had happened. Bill told him a plane had hit the tower. No! the German said, not possible. Bill tried to convince him. The German looking over Bill’s shoulder said ” Oh my God another one”. Bill was furious, this guy had made him miss a shot the second plane.

There where photographers all over the place with very serious equipment. I had a regular camera. Medical responders were showing up from surrounding States. They stood waiting to help. Unfortunately few made it across and the medical teams stood by helplessly. I thought I would record their response if only rescue equipment. I took shots of them parked waiting to help. I have always wanted to make a poster of them and send one to every unit. It’s still on a back burner. It showed the very generous and humanitarian spirit of the American people. They came from all over New Jersey, and Pennsylvania plus other states.

There was a huge parking lot filled with cars. The next day most of them were still there waiting for their owners who would never show up.

The art community at 111 1 St did their bit. Truck loads of donated equipment donated from all over the country was unloaded by them separated and stored ready for use. My Daughter Liza came down from culinary school the CIA to cook.