The G-Kids.

I have two grand kids. Ruby 13 this week and Oliver 10. Six seven years ago I got to take care of them quite often. I would pick them up from school and take them right back to the studio. They loved the studio. Kids are natural artists – all you have to do is give them materials and they begin to make images. Very free form. One wonders if their creative forces are not destroyed later by art teachers getting them to be more realistic.

As a child the only class I excelled in was art class. It was the only class where a teacher praised me and hung my work prominently. Picasso was taught at a very early age to paint realistically. I think it took the rest of his life undoing it. I had a friend who had a Picasso. A self portrait of himself when he was about 20. Terrific work. His dad bought it back in the early thirties for $1,000. Huge sum of money in those days. He and his wife and children got chassed out of Germany being Jewish. It was one of the few possessions he took with him. My friend showed me holes in the painting from where he and his brother threw darts at it that they later filled with shoe polish. Picasso went on to break new ground in art, much of it coming from African art and his children’s work.

In many ways I feel that not having any art training was a blessing. My work is free and not hung up on how many fingers a hand has. I have learned so much from Picasso and my grand kid. Here I am in my studio with them.