Looking back.

Orchids, 24 x 29 inches, 2014, oil on canvas, $5800.00

Looking back at old work, thanks to todays technology, one can see the journey they have been on. I have a long past to look back on.

My journey started when I was 24. In reality it may have always been part of my being. I was always a very curious child. I would pull budding plants apart, not to destroy them but to see how they were formed. Made a bad mistake one time. I was evacuated to Ayrshire in 1942 to a lord and lady Weir’s estate on the River Doon . There were thousands of plants I looked at there were so many it hardly made a difference to destroy one or two. One spring on my way home from school I came across a plant with a huge bud. My curiosity got the better of me. I pulled it apart and examined the inside. Very beautiful. Cavornes with multicolored parts. My curiosity satisfied I went home.

That evening Lady Weir and her gardener led a group of people she had invited up for the week-end down a wide grass path to show them her plant the gardener had been nurturing . It bloomed once every seven years. All they got to see was a pile of petals. I can well imagine how she , the gardener and special guests felt about it. There was an inquiry. I denied everything. I got on very well with the gardener. I helped him with his vast fruit and vegetable garden. He would pay me sixpence a week. I think he knew it was me. He and his wife had no children and I believe I filled a vacuum. He never asked me if I did it. He knew I loved plants and was always ready to answer my endless questions about them. He made me a beautiful bow, said it was made of rose wood and was what Robin Hood used. The war was coming to a close. We went back to London. That was 1944. I was twelve. That plant would not flower again until I was nineteen.