Formative years.

Well it is almost the end of the year. 2019 is on it’s way. Been an up and down year for me. Was in hospital a couple of times. Still feel a bit wonky. Other than that all has been good. Happy New Year to my readers, even though so few, you mean so much.

So here we go into the New year. No resolutions other than to treat people with more respect and continue on the road to truth.

Am working on one large piece that wants to go on forever. It started with memories of swimming in the river Doone ( Ye banks and braes a Bonnie Doon ) when I was about ten. We had been evacuated to an estate in Ayrshire Scotland and the surroundings were bucolic. So here is a work of people enjoying a swim. I believe my two summers onĀ  the Doon were two very formative years.

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Ah Summer !
Bathers, 42″ x 48″, 1998, oil on canvas


I really enjoy orchids.

They give much pleasure

but entail loving care

when not in bloom.

I have three plants and they are just showing

signs of coming to life.


Most works on this site are for sale. Call: 610 330 9925. for info:


Work by Bob Thompson.

I first met Bob Thompson in Provincetown in 1958. I had a friend who opened a restaurant . She invited Bob and I to show work in it. It was a small place hence small work. I remember his work clearly. It was very abstract. Bold orange bars with deep almost brown reds separated with deep yellow bars. It stuck in my mind. I cannot recall my own work.

It was a beginning for both of us. We both went on to show at the Sun Gallery in Provincetown. We were both involved with the incorporation of the figure into a more abstract field of painting. Bob had had the good fortune to come from a very good family that sent him first to art school then on to study medicine. He dropped out of medicine and back to art. He went to Europe after a successful show at Martha Jackson Gallery. My wife and I went to Italy the following year. Finding Italy too expensive we left for Spain ending up in Ibiza. not knowing Bob was there. Using the same watering hole, we ran into each other. He always had a rakish way of dressing no matter how poor. He was a real gentleman. One night drunk out of his mind he berated me about something. Next morning he came by to apologize. One time in New York he came by the studio and borrowed a $100. I thought I would never see it again. But he came by the following week and paid me back.

He left Ibiza. He left half a dozen large works in a farm house he had rented about a mile from the farm house I had rented. I rolled them up and brought them back with my work. He was very grateful and gave me a painting and once a small book of drawings. These small works are gifts he gave me over the years. So, I share with you the work I have of one of America’s finest artists, Bob Thompson.