Trump is a dictator.

I experienced a war caused by Adolph Hitler. A dictator who terrorized the world and caused tens of millions of  deaths and he was not fazed by his actions. 

Now I have the sickening feeling I am living that same experience again with Donald Trump. One only has to look around He is embracing other dictators the way Hitler did with Mussolini and Tajo. It all so very obvious, but the GOP seems to be oblivious to what is happening. Right now on the Mexican  border with the separation of children from their mothers. It’s cruel inhuman but very Trumponian. He has pardoned Arpaio a pathological sheriff who, given free rain would run death camps as Himmler did.

Why is this happening? The Gop is allowing it to happen. At the moment in Texas, migrant children are being separated from their parents. It is cruel mean spirited. Have you ever watched prisoners arriving at Auschwitz? It is so very similar.

As a child I was separated twice from my family. I know how those kids feel, I lived it. I was fed and clothed and treated well. But not to be able to turn to a mother or father was distressing. Do not let him continue in this way. He emulates the Russians and is using their blueprint to become a dictator. DON’T IGNORE WHAT HE IS UP TO.