The Gun lobby. Lets help the young studends drive them out of the killing bussness. Pass this message on.

Those politicians that take money from the gun lobby have blood on their hands. After the slaughter in Florida this week the can consider themselves accomplices. They are child killers. Despicable people who until they stop taking money from the gun lobby will have children’s

Bill Barrell and grandson Oliver have a common love – hats.

blood on their hands. 

Trump is a problem.

I am suffering from Trump overdose. Forget opioids. His St of the Union depressed me. I’m not sure art and politics mix. America has taken hundreds of years to put it’s self together and along comes an idiot and tears things apart. He does not have the ability to create. But he a penchant for destroying. I’m not sure the damage he is doing is repairable. There may be some viewers that read my blog that are republicans. If this offends you I’m sorry. Art is a search for the truth and Trump ignores the truth. What bothers me more is that the republican senators and representatives follow him blindly as if he has them hypnotized.