“Ebiza Memory”

My beautiful picture

I lived in Ibiza Spain in 1961. The winters where mild

the summers warm. The rents were cheap also the

food and drink. Bob Thompson was on the island

to. We had many a good time together. My rent

in town was $35:00. I moved out to a farm,( Finca)

and paid $20:00 a month. Glory days. Bob and I

bought dry colour and mixed our own paint.

We both lived there about two years. My wife

and I produced a son, Joshua. They were happy days.

I understand why people go to Florida in the winter.

Ah the bliss of the Caribbean.
The colour of the water the beauty
of the sky and the pink colour of
of the gentle coral sand that embraces
our knurly feet The wind that whispers
in ones ears and lures one to the
azure waters that harbor gentle
waves. To have the pleasure of a
full moon night and the plankton
sparkling around your toes.

But alas here I sit in the frozen
north with nose aglow and signs of
snow and winds that freeze one’s
ears and toes. With darkness that
never seems to leave.

Oh I enjoyed my days in the warm
winter sun in 73 74 75 and squirled
away fond memories of those old
St Barth’s days to warm me in such
times as now. Bleak winter.

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I always remember back in 1960 going to a gallery in NY City and seeing a giant Franz Kline. It’s title was ” New Year”. Apparently. he did not go out to party on New Years eve but painted instead. He was a great painter. Met him a couple of times . Actually I worked for him when he bought a house in Provincetown. He had two refrigerators. One for food the other for Black Label beer.. He would take off for New York and he would say, ” Help yourselves to the beer ” . I had a gallery at that time and he came by with a jug of cheap Tavola wine. We stood around chatting and taking slugs of wine right from the bottle. It was a funny scene. Everyone’s lips were purple.