Claus Oldenburgs ” Bag Flag”

Happy New year one and all. My site went flat this week. Thought it was the holidays, but no, my annual payment was due. So here I go again into the New Year. Here is an Oldenburg that I have owned since 1960. I took over the Sun gallery and he was one of the artists I showed. It was his first show. He had gone to the dump and constructed about a dozen small works. On the day of the opening he hung and rehung his work. We opened at 7. We liked to surprise viewers as to what we were showing so the windows were covered. People were beginning to assemble on the street. It was about five minutes to seven and Claus had all the work down on the floor. I told him he had five minutes.He got it all hung again in time and we opened. Many years later I realized he was a performance artist and would have enjoyed hanging the show with the viewers in the gallery. Each work was $200.00. We did not sell a single work.

Later when I closed the gallery this work slid out from behind the desk. Many years later I bumped into him in coming out of a cleaners on Downing St in the Village. We had a long chat about old times and I told him about this work. He said ” send me a picrure of it and I’ll give you a letter of ownership. He sent a beautiful signed letter and even gave it a name. Bag Flag. It is 6 x 8 IN

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