” Angel and devil”

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There seems to be a constant struggle between good and evil. One always hopes good will win out. Right now in this country, USA , there is a tremendous struggle going on between the two. The tax bill is close to passing. The poor will suffer and the rich will get richer. Why you may ask. Well wealth is power and the rich have undermined the system with money buying of senators and congress people. Every other industrial country in the world takes care of it’s poor. The US has taken away a safety net for the poor. Children will suffer from health problems and their education will be endangered. The problem is greed. The Us prides it’s self on being a Christian country. How come the Christian right wing can be so cruel. They seem to have lost their way when it comes to empathy for the have not’s. I am not a religious person. I went to Sunday school as a kid. The one parable I remember clearly and practice is the story of ” The good Samaritan.” It is time for todays Christians to read a few of those parables and put them into play.

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