” Dianne the huntress “

My brain is worn and torn from all the news. I get relief by going into the studio, the problems in painting are less wearing than Trump mania. I rummaged through some old work and rested my worn out brain on ” Diane the huntress” she had her problems but not political.

I was recently given a catalogue of a show of paintings by Marcia Marcus. Her daughter Kate Prendergast helped put the catalogue and show together at the Firestone gallery. She is a fine artist and has been under appreciated for years. She come from the same period as Alex Katz and the same teacher Edward Dickenson. Both her work and the work of Katz is flat. But what we have to remember is that all painting is two dimensional so I feel flat is not the correct description. All painting is two dimensional and over the centuries artists have used all kids of approaches like perspective to achieve space. But space in painting does not exist. You want space look at sculpture. So for Marcus’s work to be called flat is wrong.
Hans Hoffman used the term ” Push and pull” Now that does not work to make a work three dimensional it, is optical in effect that brings the work to life, but not optical as in op-art that makes ones eyes jump all over the place. Push and pull makes not just the eye work but also the senses. Marcus’s comes to life through bringing a moment to life by catching a moment in time a moment we can all share.

I was working on a hotel roof over looking the dunes with a bunch of guys in Truro Cape Cod one summer day in 1958. One of hose guys was my brother Terry. It was a bright sunny day and across the dunes came a woman striding like a goddess with two Russian wolf hounds There was some hooting and whistling. Terry looked and said that’s gonna be my wife. He jumped from the roof and took after her. They met and they did get married and had two beautiful daughters Kate and Jane. My work here reminds me of that occasion though I did not paint it with that in mind. Women at one time where seen as Goddesses. With the current situation with women that time may be coming around again.

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