” Black Angel”

” Black Angel” Not sure how that title came about. Always think of angels as being white, I like to see them as multicolored now, as if they ever existed. I recall a church in Italy that was festooned with paintings. Most of them were about hell. Demons all over the place poking and prodding naughty people with long pitch forks and spears. These painting are aimed at the church goers reminding them to stay in line and behave. I am not a religious man, though as a child I went to bible class and many of the parables stayed with me such as The Good Samaritan. One does not have to be religious to be kind. The painting in the church catered to those who could not read, which was common in the old days. The priests could give a fire and brimstone sermon on a Sunday but as the old saying goes” A picture is worth a thousand words” And so we paint on and on. The Leonardo Da Vinci sold for four and a half million bucks a few weeks ago is a puzzling thing. We all ask why.

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