“Grand Kids in the studio ” And thoughts on the Forth dimention”

As a painter I have always thought in terms of space and time. Though space does not exist in painting it is always a thought. Time certainly does not exist in painting unless one goes by the date it was painted. Einstein and Hawking’s feel that time and space are connected. I don’t think that can be so as space can be defined and time cannot be defined. I’m not a physicist and could be wrong about this. On the other hand as an artist space and time are constant thoughts while painting.

Another thing I think of constantly as an artist is the forth dimension. I feel it exists but only can be experienced through constantly being in search of the truth. In art one cannot fake the truth. It is through constant searching one can come upon the fourth dimension. It is often , ( but not always ) while painting a breakthrough can happen . It is as if one breaks through a barrier into another dimension creating something very special, commonly known as a masterpiece. This does not diminish other works as they are all steps to achieving the breakthrough. It is not an easily state of mind to arrive at and not achieved that often. Hence the masterpiece.

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