Looking back

There have been a lot of exhibitions lately that look back at certain periods in art Just recently Roberta Smith did an article called ” Delirious” at the Met Breuer museum. It goes back to the sixties. It includes a lot of artists who are well known but not mega stares. I believe that period opened the doors to the recent influx of artists. Those where the days when there where fewer galleries and fewer artists, but it was difficult to gain access to a gallery. Many of those old timers are still neglected . It seems that today galleries are interested in young artists. But what they miss are some of the older artists that forged the way for them. A group of artists, 12, formed OIA ( Organization of Independent Artists. ) . It was artists like this, Bob Wigand, Geo Sellenrad, Gigi Franklyn, myself and others who helped put Soho on the map. When the city wanted to put the Broome St Expressway through the neiborhood they rose up and marched in protest. Roberta Smith writes about the time artists layed the ground work for what it is today or what it was before it became an upscale shopping center. Artists also broke ground for places like Chelsea and Williamsburg. I am very pleased that Roberta Smith and the curators of “Delirious” have looked back on this very seminal period in art history. How come artists Like Bob Thompson, Emilio Cruz, Bob Beauchamp, Peter Dean , Jay Milder , Joseph Kurharsak are left out in the cold?

Yellow Hand, 42″ x 34″, 1999, oil on canvas