The loss of a friend.

Today I lost a close friend. Not to death but to Donald Trump. For years we exchanged E-mail quiet often comical. Today he told me how he believed in Trump and that he was on the right track. I told him that Trump supported fascists and the nazis. I was eight years old in 1939 when w w 2 started. I lived in London. I experienced the Blitz. and numerous evacuations. My Dad went off to war. My uncles to. Was their sacrifice all in vain? One was a prisoner for four years. I told my friend today that if he supported Trump it meant he also supported fascism and the nazis. If that was the case I could no longer befriend him. The irony of all this is that he is Jewish. Here is a portrait of Herman Richter’s father. It’s the face of fascism, he was a nazi officer. Go to YouTube and check out Treblinka or Auschwitz. This is what you get if you want to be a nazi. .

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