Not having written a blog in a few months I’m feeling rusty. This painting “Midnight” has been through some changes. Beneath this work is a panting about my childhood when I lived on Lord and Lady Wiers estate in Dalrymple Scotland. It was quiet an experience for a nine year old Cockney boy used to the city of London to be plonked down into a bucolic Robbie Burns countryside. I chased rabbits and pheasants and swam in the river Doone. It is the same theme as to what is under it but a different approach. I was getting to detailed and it lost any punch. It is important that a painting have impact, I was losing that in the last one. My mother and us four kids had been evacuated to Scotland in 1941. They could not have a chauffer due to gas rationing so we stayed in the vacant chauffer’s apartment. I feel that that period of my life was very influential on my work. While I was living a very blissful life dreadful things were happening in Europe. I had experienced the Blitz in London but that was nothing compared to what was happening in Poland , Russia, France, Holland and other places. I was fortunate. Often wondered how I would have turned out had the Nazis taken Britain. I understand their plan was to send all able bodied men to Germany and transform us Cockney kids into Fascists. If The US had not joined in that may have been the scenario.

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