Have been watching the endless Trump news. I know he has a plan hatched out between him and the altright. He would love to be a dictator I’m sure. Or be like Putin, his role model, run a democratic country but god help you if you vote for anyone but. This all sounds like fantasy but it is not. It has happened before. I lived through the last such time and it was no fun. Nazi’s hate groups like Jews , Gypsiys,(?) Blacks and most minorities. Trump I believe is a Fascist which makes him a Nazi. Given half a chance and the opportunity and free hand he would run things like Sherriff Joe Appio who called his tent camps concentration camps. Anybody who feels, and Trump has a 9% following, that’s the way to go should check out the Nazi death camps on Netflix it may change their minds. I was stationed in Germany in 1950. Half a mile away was the death camp Belsan. I had a garbage truck detail, three Germans. As we drove by it they told me how the gullies ran with blood and would laugh about it. These guys where in their 40’s I was nineteen. I did not think it funny at all. Lets not see this happen again.

Art scam.

Be aware of art scam. Had someone email me wanting to by a painting. Wanting to send a check that would include a shippers fee. I received the check, $2,000. I was told to deposit it and would later be told were to send the shippers fee,$1,200. I post this to give any artists a heads up and be on the lookout.

“Massacare of the inocents

Awhile back Trump used the Jewish star instead of the five pointed star for sheriff in the states. He is such a blithering idiot it’s embarrassing to have him as Potus. He is depending on the very fringe elements of the GOP and I feel he would love to just be a dictator. It is a good thing that the Foundling Fathers put up the checks and balances foreseeing idiots like this. I am happy to see that the arts council stepped down due to his support of the nazi element in this country. They say it is only 9% of the country. Looks like a small number, but that is a lot of people who are fascist. Think of it, one out of ten people. Don’t alow it to grow.

The loss of a friend.

Today I lost a close friend. Not to death but to Donald Trump. For years we exchanged E-mail quiet often comical. Today he told me how he believed in Trump and that he was on the right track. I told him that Trump supported fascists and the nazis. I was eight years old in 1939 when w w 2 started. I lived in London. I experienced the Blitz. and numerous evacuations. My Dad went off to war. My uncles to. Was their sacrifice all in vain? One was a prisoner for four years. I told my friend today that if he supported Trump it meant he also supported fascism and the nazis. If that was the case I could no longer befriend him. The irony of all this is that he is Jewish. Here is a portrait of Herman Richter’s father. It’s the face of fascism, he was a nazi officer. Go to YouTube and check out Treblinka or Auschwitz. This is what you get if you want to be a nazi. .