Bob Thompson. A great American artist.

” Nude with angels” 4 x 6 inches. 1962.

Two weeks ago I was visited by a relative of Bob Thompson’s. Jeff Cooper. He is a nephew of of Bob’s. He is a film producer and is doing  a documentary on Bob. He was accompanied by Anthony Staten who is helping produce it .

As I had known Bob very well they wanted my input. I also have works by Bob that they wanted to include in the movie. It was all very professional and took about six hours. They  headed of to Provincetown Mass to document more work. I gave them a few people to contact, especially April (?) Cabral who owns a large and beautiful   work of Bob’s ” St Anthony and the Dragon” that he used to have hanging in his bar ” The A House” back in 1959.

“Adoration of the Magi” Ink drawing. 1961.4 x 8.

I wish Anthony and Jeff the greatest of luck with this documentary about Bob Thompson who I believe to be one of Americas greatest artists.

In Ibiza Spain, when Bob and I had no paper we would take old art catalogs and work over copies of the old masters. We would interpret them with our own shapes and colors. In the gouache above top, one can see the demon shaped head he introduced to his work via Goya.

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