Understanding the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension exists only in the individual. It is arrived at by mind cultivation. Unlike the other three it cannot be perceived but only felt.It lays dormant. It can happen in any individual, but it has to be focused on intensely.   However it can come about at unexpected moments. When Robbie Burns wrote ” Ode to a Mouse” it came about when he was a farmer and ploughed through a nest of mice that had worked hard to build a winter nest with food supplies. To anyone else it may have been dismissed as unfortunate and to others  it may have bought delight. But to Robert Burns it took him into that forth dimension for a moment. In that split second he saw how he had destroyed a precious thing . “Och wee timeret  curious bestie och what panics in thy breastie. Och, the best laid plans of mice and men ofttimes gang aglee. All the hard work ,time , and effort that those mice had put into their home was gone, In that split second the poem was formed in Robert Burns mind.

Discovery, 7.5 x 9.5, 2014, Gallery Ehva, framed under glass, gouache, ID 1873
“Discovery” 7.5 x 9.5 Gouache.

A flash , a peek, a gimps, that’s all one gets of the forth dimension and nothing more. A gimps of that elusive truth. It is what keeps us searching , our appetites have been whetted. Every one is prone to this , but artists always searching for perfection are apt to find it more often. Often the reason art become priceless. Only the individual can experience the fourth dimension . It can arrive when least expected.