Jesus Christ.

I am not a religious man. I find that all religions cause more problems than they solve. There have been more wars because of religion . Jews have paid a terrible price. Christians have gone marching off (Crusaders) to fight in the name of Christ and currently Muslims are creating havoc around the world. There is no changing it, people have their beliefs and are free to practice them.

I do believe there have been some great men who have come out of religion. One of them is Christ. He was a truly wise man and preached love and peace. I do not think he realized or encouraged or had any idea that people would take his beliefs and form a cruel religion spreading around the world creating havoc and turning it into a business. He was killed for his beliefs.  

“The death of Christ” 28 x 16. 2015 oil/canvass.

So over the years he has cropped up in my work not to enhance the Christian religion but to pay homage to a wise and sage man.

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