Homage to Karl Stierner.

Last week we lost a fine artist here in Easton Pennsylvania. The sculptor Karl Stierner Died. 

I met Karl in 2001. I was looking for a building in Easton and was directed to him as he was said to know every one in town and what properties were for sale. I looked at so many places and then  found the Reda building on the corner of Church and Sitgreaves down town. it was the perfect place for a couple of artists. We could divide it into studios and living spaces with a couple to rent that would pay taxes.

Karl was so helpful with advise and the loan of tools. One night in the begining I was stuck here in a blizzard. He offered me shelter. He put me in a room full of African sculptures. I went to bed surrounded by what I felt where guardians. It so impressed me that it finally popped up as a painting. Here it is to give you an idea as to what it was like. I will be forever grateful to Karl for all of his help encouragement and assistance. He was truly a beautiful man.Night Guardians, 60 x 80, 2001, A5, ID 130” The night guardians” 2001. 62 x 78.




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