Homage to Karl Stierner.

Last week we lost a fine artist here in Easton Pennsylvania. The sculptor Karl Stierner Died. 

I met Karl in 2001. I was looking for a building in Easton and was directed to him as he was said to know every one in town and what properties were for sale. I looked at so many places and then  found the Reda building on the corner of Church and Sitgreaves down town. it was the perfect place for a couple of artists. We could divide it into studios and living spaces with a couple to rent that would pay taxes.

Karl was so helpful with advise and the loan of tools. One night in the begining I was stuck here in a blizzard. He offered me shelter. He put me in a room full of African sculptures. I went to bed surrounded by what I felt where guardians. It so impressed me that it finally popped up as a painting. Here it is to give you an idea as to what it was like. I will be forever grateful to Karl for all of his help encouragement and assistance. He was truly a beautiful man.Night Guardians, 60 x 80, 2001, A5, ID 130” The night guardians” 2001. 62 x 78.




” Childhood times”

Winter is not for the old. One miss step on a piece of ice or slippery tile on the bathroom floor and down you go a bone to break.

It’s time to think of sunnier times when we were young and bounced of hard places with no more than a bruise. When we skipped through the fields with a hey and a ho,. No thoughts of ever getting old of broken bones and misplaced hips but sights of birds in flight as one ran through their hallowed turf, and fish that scattered when young bodies entered their watery domain with a resounding splash. So lets go back to that time, that only art can do through a painting, to those carefree times of warmth and joy. To the time of a little boy.Bathers, 48 x 54, 1989, A3, ID 894