” Young woman with flowers. “

The female figure has always fascinated me not just from sexual point of view but the intrigue it creates. The male figure just does not do the same thing. Men for me just do not have the same mystique.” Young woman with flowers”  26 x 24. 2016
Women know they are attractive and take advantage of the allure. Men get up jump into their clothes and are off to work or wherever. Women on the other hand bathe and apply scent, lotions. make up, and clothes that accent their shape and hats that frame their faces. They make themselves attractive. Even after they have attracted a partner they continue to make themselves attractive.  Women may see men attractive in a different way. But men do not go to the trouble of making themselves attractive the way women do.
So I love to catch that beauty , that attractiveness on DSCF3416DSCF3388canvas as that beauty does not last for ever. Down through the ages artists have recorded their beauty. Manet’s ” Olympia ” Picasso’s” Woman Sleeping ” and the “Mona Lisa” to mention a few. I am forever grateful they were recorded. Sure there is photography now, but it does not quite do what painting does, it cannot seem to catch the same mystery that women exude.