Ruby in G-Pa’s studio.

DSCF3378Here is my Granddaughter working in my studio. Kids given all kinds of material can produce great works without being taught. It is instinctive to them to create. They have been coming to my studio since they could walk. They watch me paint and think that is the normal thing to do. I can suggest things to them but I don’t set any rules other than ” Don’t run with scissors or knives and keep them pointed down”  

“Self portrait with string”

 Artists often turn to them selves and do self portraits. They do not resemble selfies of today. It is not possible to dig beneath the surface with an I phone. Cameras can do just so much.

I have always been fascinated with both Rembrandt ,and with Picasso looking deep into themselves and  going beyond  what they see on the surface.187 Untitled, 27 x 29, D8, ID 1059Rembrandt has a full length portrait of himself in his studio. The canvass dominates the picture frame from the rear and Rembrandt is standing far off  on the other side of the studio almost in the shade, he is small and looking at either what he has done or about to do. The light though coming from a window seems to be coming out of the canvass it’s self. The canvass gives off a bright glow lighting the studio and  Rembrandt . All is aglow as if something is coming to life, something he has born or about to inject more life into. It gives us a full understanding of what art is about, it is about the artist transplanting a piece of himself into the work.