Child Killers, it still goes on and on.

Just how many wars will there be, it seems endless. There are politicians now who want to declare war and go to war. It is all senseless stupidity and greed. I just watched Tony Ben give a speech in the British House of Parliament about the sale of weapons and how  the conservatives say it provides jobs . He says it provides profits for the wealthy and support for the enemy. It seems this is a major point. If we cut off the arms, no pun intended, how can they continue to fight?  Go back to sticks and stones? I watch the news and I see ISIS riding around in new Humvee’s well armed and well clothed, where is it all coming from? I feel that Obama  is correct in not sending troops into Syria  . He is for deescalating the situation. If countries like the UK, US, Russia, China, Germany, would stop supplying them with arms it would reduce the fighting. There are neo-conservatives politicians like Trump, Cruz, Rubio who would all go charging in with swords drawn and keep the arms industry thriving, they are the real killers. They have not personally experienced war and advocate going to war, it is hell , I experienced it as a child and was lucky to survive it , and feel Obama understands the consequences of ” Boots on the ground”.

It could be greed and avarice  by the weapons industry  that is at the center of all of the suffering, all the child killing.

“Child Killers, it still goes on”

Child Killers, 14 x 17, 1980, E3, ID 936

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