Viva La France!!

DSCF3308Last night was a sad night in France. It was hard to sit and watch such terror take place. My heart goes out to the French.

As a child I was in Dr Bernardo’s home, in England, eight years old. 1940. We where all called into the assembly hall. The Headmaster stood against a back drop of windows  covered with mattresses against air raids and gave us the sad news that France had surrendered. At eight years of age I did not quiet understand  how important it was, but I knew something was up. They played the Marseillaise  and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was an instinct that something disastrous was about to happen. What happened in France last night and the French president saying ” This is an act of war” gave me the shivers I had in 1940. Viva la France.!Viva La France, 28 x 33, 2009, D3, ID 840 ” Viva La France.” 34 x 36 inches. oil. 1999

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