Bob Thompson. Drawings and water colors.Continued.

I traded with Bob for work. Or I was given work for my birthday or Christmas. We celebrated a lot of diners together in Ibiza. We also would work together on some paper pieces. When we were short on paper we would take old art magazines and change the old master images with crayons and ¬†watercolor. We would pour over old masters and discuss the compositions. These whee great days.We found a paint store that sold pigment so we would mix our own colors, a lot of red ocher and yellow ocher’s. There is one thing that bothers me and that is, Bob Thompson is often described as” African American.” I don’t like this term . I am from England and I am not termed English / American and was de Kooning described as Euro / American. Lets put that term in the garbage as it pigeon holes artists.

Here are some of the drawings and colored work.

Bob Thompson . Ink on paper.
Bob Thompson . Ink on paper.
” Yelloy Godess”
” Adoration of the Magi”
” Ecco Homo”
” Sleep”


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