Bob Thompson. continued.


How did I come by these small paintings ? Bob and Carol were heading back to NY City. They could only afford one ticket. Bob wanted to go first but Carol said” No way” she feared he would forget her and she had a point. The plan was one goes back and sends the other a ticket. Carol went and Bob roamed around the Island chasing the girls.

I had a farm out near Santa Eulalia. After a couple of months another farm had became available.  They moved in and they bought a donkey, he loved donkeys and horses. I think he had grown up around them in Kentucky. Bob had done a lot of work. He finally got his ticket and took off with no thought of arranging for his work to be taken care of. I was leaving the island to as our son was born and we had run out of money. I went to their farm unstretched his work, about ten pieces  rolled them and put them in a crate I had had an Island guy build. It was huge and had to be lifted by crane onto the boat. We left from Valencia. My father in-law had a loft on fourteenth so I stored them there until I found a space. I dragged Bobs work around for about six months or more,. Finally he was going to Provincetown for a show and he finally came in a huge pink Cadillac, weird. He opened the trunk and tried to put the work in , it would not fit so he folded the roll and squeezed it in,I cringed. This all happened outside a loft I had on Pitt St on the lower East Side. He gave me one large painting about 48 x 38 from his Goya Period. He also handed me a small box with the small works I am showing here.  and thanked me for saving his work. The farmer would have probably found a use for them but not on his walls……………………..continued.

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