” Two sides of the coin “

DSCF3217Been working on two paintings side by side for over a year now. Finally they came together in an odd way.

There are a lot of format painters around. It constantly puzzles me how they keep producing the same theme. It could be that they produce what is salable. Take Alex Katz. We know him for his portraits of his wife. You know a Katz when you see it. Paul Resika, beautiful paintings of still lives harbor scenes and models, you know a a Resika when you see it. Now this does not mean they are bad painters just that I wonder how they do not become curios about different aspects of life the way Picasso, Goya and deKooning dug into different moods and feelings of life.

One of these paintings seems to catch me in a pleasant mood. The other is a more anxious mood. There are times I wonder why at 82 painting does not just become easier, it doesn’t , it gets tougher. This I feel is because if you put everything into it and do not become repetitive your work will ¬†find something new and that something new has to be applied to the next effort only to realize you have not reached the end of discovery but the begining of a new way of seeing and feeling.DSCF3218

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