The female figure divine. (Updated)

My work always circles back to the figure, more often than not the female figure. Women unlike men make themselves attractive. Like flowers they make themselves attractive to , plus they have attractive smells . Men do their thing but women outdo them. For example when we see Obama on television he has his usual dark suit on white shirt and tie. When we see hopefully our next president Hillary Clinton on television she has a different outfit on every time, different coulors  different styles. I bet she smells good to and says her hair will never be gray.

Like women, plants have different colours and sizes and give off an array of attractive odors, why? to attract the male that’s why, I am not spouting anything new, I guess it is all to do with reproduction. again nothing new.Women in our society do the heavy lifting when it comes to increasing the tribe, bearing the child, feeding it, and taking care of it, with a little help from her mate.

DSCF3301So like a bee I am attracted to the female form and every so often I go for the honey. I want to present her in all her glory, to intrigue the viewer and be supportive of the beauty they represent.

Grand Kids.

” Studio Spirit” 28 x 28. o/c 2015


I’m a lucky man. I have two beautiful grand kids. They love to come down to my studio and paint or sculpt. One time we built a space station on Saturn. We built space ships to send stores to them. They opened candy stores on them and we supplied them with Jelly Babies.

I think Picasso was greatly influenced by by his children. Enmeshing it with African art. Kids draw figures with abandon. They see the human figure without the academic training. Distorted bodies twisted forms elongated heads. One can see how African art came about. It was a refined continuum of the way they saw things as children. They did not have their vision clouded by an academic approach. ¬†I had a friend who owned a Picasso. ” Yo Picasso” It was a self portrait, done in a classic academic style. Beautiful painting, however one can see how he struggled to liberate himself from the constraints of academia, and he did. He was a great draughtsman and could draw as well as any Renaissance painter. But he managed to liberate himself from the constraints of academic vision.

DSCF3204My Grand daughter Ruby knocked over a small can of paint. She was sorry. I told her not to worry and to turn it into something positive. The paint was on cardboard. I suggested she smear it about and make an image. She did and I gave he a scrap of paper to stick on it. It turned into a great piece. I framed it, and it has given me much to think about.