The Boat man.

9 Untitled, 19 x 17.5, G1, ID 1347
” The Boatman” 12 x 12 inches. $1,200.

Often the image of a man in a boat appears in my work. where it comes from and why is not a mystery. Is it the guy who ferries the dead? Idon’t think so. I like to think of it more as my subconscious exploring and venturing into the unknown. For me each painting becomes an exploration in and of my inner self. Thoughts and images I have laid away like a fine wine in the cellars of my mind, to be opened and absorbed at the right moment . These images surface and become an adventure into an unknown space.

Studio Music.

148 Untitled, 66 x 70,  B6, ID 1515
“Studio Music” 1978 Oil/canvass.
This painting goes back in time to 1978. I’m going back to look at it, as it is ¬†about the studio. My studio pops up in my work so often without really thinking about it. It has cropped up recently in my work and I was comparing the shapes and forms with current work. In this work there are some dovetail shapes that seem to lock the forms together, but at the same time create their own space and movement. There are interconnecting lines as if mapping my movement around the studio . Many of these things are in my recent work. Things seem to change but stay the same and at the same time embrace new elements . Art continually grows and surprises.