The Bonnie Doon ( A painting for Janet )

“The evacuees” 66 x 72 oil/canvass 2015

This painting has been through some changes. I have posted it before. It is a painting I did for my young sister who died last month. She was a kind and loving woman and in her childhood we were very close.

As kids we spent almost two years as evacuees on Lord and Lady Weirs estate in Scotland. It was somewhat like Downton Abbey. Would have been nice staying in what we called ” The Big House” ¬†With butlers and maids. But seeing as there was petrol rationing it eliminated the chauffeur for the Rolls, so we got his apartment.

The river Doon ran through the estate and we spent many blissful days on it’s banks either swimming, fishing or picnicking. We had the run of the place. The only person we avoided like the plague was Mr. Henry the game keeper. He was not fond of us running around his domain. He would walk around with a shot gun under his arm and to surprise him in the woods was scary. I swear he would liked to have shot us. We also had a little Fox terrier, Sookie, that I think he would liked to have shot as she ran wild. The problem was pheasants. If you scare a hen pheasant off of her nest she does not go back. I believe this as I did come across nests with cold eggs. So old Mr Henry had his point.

The Poet Robbie Burns was born in that area and went to school there. We went to the same school in Daylrimple. His poems ” Ode to a mouse” and ” Ye Bonnie Doon” Influenced my life greatly. Here in this picture dedicated to my sister, is the family exploring the banks of the Bonnie Doon.

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