Descent from the Cross

” Descent from the cross” Oil on canvass. 1980. 72 x 46

I have no religion but I do respect a man who stood by his beliefs. As a child, I was sent to Sunday school and would listen closely to the parables they read.” The Good Samaritan” always struck me as a great thing to be. “Do unto others as you would unto yourself “also got logged into my attitude towards people. They were interesting stories and influenced my thinking greatly.

My mother was Church of England, my father a Catholic . The agreement when they married was to make any boys they had Catholic, any girls Protestant. They had three boys and two girls. However, neither was heavy into religion. We were all baptized but that was about it. My feelings about religion are that Christ’s teaching went on to get bent out of shape and became a business of gathering people together and filling them with guilt, hence confession. It has become a power tool in my estimation that Christ would never approve of. I feel the same way about all religions and know that they have created more wars than peace. I understand how people do need a belief and do not resent them having one if it brings them happiness.

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