Portrait of a great friend.

Here is the portrait of a great friend who lives on the Lower East Side. His studio is a great experience. There are works all over the place in various states , finished, half way finished, just started. It is somewhat like my own studio, if work lays around in sight it is vulnerable to change.  His name is Dominic Capobianco.

His paintings and sculpture are truly beautiful and have their own stamp of originality. They also are susceptible to change. Often it is for the better, but sometimes it’ll be gone. I have so often wrecked a work myself trying to push it further. Often one pushes it of the edge. There is a saying. ” It takes two to make a work of art, one to make it and one to take it away”. William de Kooning  once put a painting out in his hallway in disgust. A friend/ collector came by and rescued it. And it now hangs in a museum. 

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