I don’t paint dreams very often, but once in awhile I’ll catch the essence of one. I have had many flying dreams but this one was so vivid.

In the dream, I had an old, push grass mower handle in my hands. When I turned it towards me, I lifted up off the ground and away from me. I would go down and I could turn left and right. It was great. I flew over my brother’s garden and buzzed him. I went higher and higher. I was way up a couple of thousand feet when I looked at the handle and realized it was just a lawn mower handle. Losing faith in it I just plummeted. It was sickening.

But then I regained control and came out of a free fall.

I don’t think if I laid on a couch with a shrink it would take too much to interpret. Dreams represent hope or fear according to Freud. The dream  did make me realize I had my own destiny in my  hands and that even when things get out of control I could regain stability.????????????????????


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