Portrait of a great friend.

Here is the portrait of a great friend who lives on the Lower East Side. His studio is a great experience. There are works all over the place in various states , finished, half way finished, just started. It is somewhat like my own studio, if work lays around in sight it is vulnerable to change.  His name is Dominic Capobianco.

His paintings and sculpture are truly beautiful and have their own stamp of originality. They also are susceptible to change. Often it is for the better, but sometimes it’ll be gone. I have so often wrecked a work myself trying to push it further. Often one pushes it of the edge. There is a saying. ” It takes two to make a work of art, one to make it and one to take it away”. William de Kooning  once put a painting out in his hallway in disgust. A friend/ collector came by and rescued it. And it now hangs in a museum. 

The fairy ring.

Daffodils, 9.5 x 8, 1993, oil on wood, H3, ID 1241

“Daffodils” 1993. Oil on wood.

Here is a painting of a bunch daffodils to celebrate the coming of Spring. Soon daffodils will be popping up all over. I live near the Bushkill river Pa. On a patch of ground near that river there appears a ring of Daffodils about thirty feet in diameter. Natural or planted I have no idea.

I told my Grand Kids it is a fairy ring and that if we had a picnic in the middle of it we may catch a fairy. Last year we took a picnic and some pixie dust, and set a trap. No luck. The kids keep asking to go again. I told them we certainly will and hope for better luck. It is so pleasant to sit in the middle of a ring of daffodils and so very magical. 

van Gogh was a master of catching flowers at their peek. Often in the Spring when flowers are coming up in a surge all over the place, I look and cannot help but think of the cycle of life and death. I don’t want those daffodils to die and fade away, but they do. It teaches one to enjoy the moment. The flowers may be gone but they leave a lasting impression. van Gogh like I have said was a master at catching that moment. Check out ‘ Irises” on www.vanGoghgallery.com. It is as if they have just bloomed. The beauty of this painting ‘ Irises” is, is that it has fixed those Irises  in time. Not the real thing, but it’s more than that, it captures that moment of bliss when looking at the real thing that only lasts a short while as a tease.


I don’t paint dreams very often, but once in awhile I’ll catch the essence of one. I have had many flying dreams but this one was so vivid.

In the dream, I had an old, push grass mower handle in my hands. When I turned it towards me, I lifted up off the ground and away from me. I would go down and I could turn left and right. It was great. I flew over my brother’s garden and buzzed him. I went higher and higher. I was way up a couple of thousand feet when I looked at the handle and realized it was just a lawn mower handle. Losing faith in it I just plummeted. It was sickening.

But then I regained control and came out of a free fall.

I don’t think if I laid on a couch with a shrink it would take too much to interpret. Dreams represent hope or fear according to Freud. The dream  did make me realize I had my own destiny in my  hands and that even when things get out of control I could regain stability.????????????????????


Janet,The Golden Girl.

For Sister Janet, The Golden Girl. 1935-2015

She lay there in another world

dreaming quietly of long gone days

of days when flowers bloomed

and sunlight danced upon her

golden hair that lay upon her

shoulders bare and naked

in the summer sun  she

danced without a care.




“Janet,The golden Girl” 86 x32 2015