Walk down memory lane. Finchley London revisited

Ran  into a post on face book the other day called,” Finchley. A walk down memory lane.” It is an interesting site. People who have lived in Finchley London or live there now or did live there or had some connection with the place exchange stories.

I was born in Shoreditch London in 1932. Tough years for my Mum and Dad with the depression in full swing. We moved to Camden Town. My dad got a job as a conductor on the London Transport.

Things got better. We moved out to North Finchley into a very nice house with garden front and back. I was six.  I have connected with someone who delivered milk to that address. So many people have stories to tell of the schools , churches, pubs, parks and famous people that come from Finchley. It has been a great feeling connecting. Here is my extended family. All four adults in bottom row are from Finchley. From left, young brother Budge. young sister Janet, me with grand daughter Ruby 8, above me daughter Liza with grandson Oliver, then Terry elder brother. Behind an assortment of in-laws. Wife Marilyn taking picture.

Bill Barrell, seated second from right
Bill Barrell, seated second from right

with them.

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