Adam and Eve or, The Mud People.

Last week I made some wall relief sculpture. Had a great time. Then I had my G-Kids for a day and had them help me paint them. I did not mention Adam and Eve but said they where Mud People. Adam and Eve came out of nowhere so did these sculptures. My hands are a bit to warn out now for any kind of heavy kind of sculpture. I can still wield a brush though. This is a light material. I would love to see them cast in bronze, for durability. It is out of the question at the moment but who knows,some day it may happen.

“Adam and Eve or the Mud People.” 76 and 86 inches tall. 2015

As people we did come out of the mud. There was a period of transition coming out of the water onto land. Where there is land and water there will be mud. So at some point perhaps this is what we looked like.

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