G-Kids painting with G-Pa.

“G-Kids painting with G-Pa” 66 x 72 2014

I’m working on a large painting. Not an uncommon subject. The Studio. That’s where I spend so much of my life wrestling with the constant riddles that art presents.

My grand children who I call my G-Kids are often in my studio. It is a pleasure to watch them work with such ease and concentration. Given the material they make  beautiful work. All children are born with this ability to express themselves. It is often smothered at an early age. But those that have a need to express themselves survive over the years. It is hard to say what makes an artist become an artist.I remember when I was two or three standing on a table with a green velvet table cover. The sun was streaming through the window and across the velvet. I was perplexed as to why the velvet was two different shades of green when I knew it was just one shade. My first experience that things where one but could be changed by light and become two or light and dark.  Practically still a baby and observing colour and remembering it ?  So I believe it is a mixture of many experiences in our formative years. With all sorted experiences over the years.

I do not like coloring books. You will not find one around my studio.It keeps children within the lines and is a form of guidance and control over expression. and this is what art is all about, expression. Here are the G-Kids , with me expressing themselves and me hoping some of their freedom will brush off on me.


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