G-Kids painting with G-Pa.

“G-Kids painting with G-Pa” 66 x 72 2014

I’m working on a large painting. Not an uncommon subject. The Studio. That’s where I spend so much of my life wrestling with the constant riddles that art presents.

My grand children who I call my G-Kids are often in my studio. It is a pleasure to watch them work with such ease and concentration. Given the material they make  beautiful work. All children are born with this ability to express themselves. It is often smothered at an early age. But those that have a need to express themselves survive over the years. It is hard to say what makes an artist become an artist.I remember when I was two or three standing on a table with a green velvet table cover. The sun was streaming through the window and across the velvet. I was perplexed as to why the velvet was two different shades of green when I knew it was just one shade. My first experience that things where one but could be changed by light and become two or light and dark.  Practically still a baby and observing colour and remembering it ?  So I believe it is a mixture of many experiences in our formative years. With all sorted experiences over the years.

I do not like coloring books. You will not find one around my studio.It keeps children within the lines and is a form of guidance and control over expression. and this is what art is all about, expression. Here are the G-Kids , with me expressing themselves and me hoping some of their freedom will brush off on me.


“Rendition in Blue”

Today we finally get a report on the torture of prisoners by the CIA. Nothing can be done now to bring those responsible to justice,but they can be named and I will name one here, Dick Cheney. He says he would do the same again. I believe him. He is cold bloodied.

Rendition, 66 x 70,
” Rendition in Blue ” oil on canvass. 66 x 70 . 2006.

Here is a work “Rendition in Blue” I did in 2006 in response to what we knew was going on under the name of “Enhanced Interrogation” or Rendition. It was more like an Inquisition. It is good it is out and points to those who have blood on their hands.

The beach

Looking through some old ink drawings takes me back to some enlightening times I have had with my children and grand children – working with them in the studio, or playing with them on sandy beaches or on cold days being with them in front of TV watching Sponge Bob. Picasso said all children are artists and he is absolutely right. His children enabled him to see art differently from how he had been academically trained to get a realistic image.1894 Number, 23 x 29, ink on paper, ID 1894He had a lot of knots to untie. He worked hard through his children to get back to square one. He was a natural from the git go. His Dad, a painter handed over his brushes to him realizing how good he was.

Here is an ink drawing of our family rollicking on the beach.

Texas and Executions

Execution American Style, 65 x 90, 1999, T4, ID 105Today they plan to execute a man in Texas. How long is it going to take Texas and the US in general to do away with the death penalty.They did it once, they can do it again.

Here is a painting I did in 1999 depicting people on death row and malfunctioning attempts at executing people that I read about in the New York Times. I collected those articles over time and collaged them into a painting. Texas is a brutal place, full of Christians that have not heard  of” Thou shalt not kill”. I guess it does not apply in Texas. I am from England and they hung an innocent man in 1954 .When it became apparent they had made a mistake they did away with the death penalty. I am sure a few innocent people have been hung, electrocuted, or put down with drugs here in the US. It’s my birthday tomorrow I hope the guy wins his appeal.