Lost and found parrot.

“Sonny” Oil painting on primed wood. 18 x 14 inches. 2014

Back in 1985 there was a parrot of some sort in our back garden in Jersey City. My daughter Liza and i peered at it from our bathroom window. It was wandering all over the garden. We wondered how we could catch it. I thought for awhile then remembered someone in a movie catching a bird with a cage and a line of seeds. I got an old milk crate and crept out and proped it up with a stick  running a string through the bathroom window. Then I ran a line of sunflower seeds to the trap.

Liza and I watched through the bathroom window. Sure enough along came the parrot and gobbled up the seeds and stood eating the pile under the crate. I gave Liza the signal she pulled the string and whamo! we had a parrot.

We took it indoors. I inspected it and it was half bald like a plucked chicken. We took it to a pet store and was told it was a Nado Kano-or a kind of parrot from Australia. They flew in flocks. Could not be taught to talk and had a habit of plucking out their feathers.

I asked Liza what she would like to call him/her , pet store could not say what sex it was, she said well as we used sunflower seeds to catch it, lets call it Sunny. It lived with us for many years. All it did was squawk. He/she comes to mind now and again and pops up in paintings. Here is Sunny looking quizzical.

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