Ruby in Her Tutu


“Ruby in her Tutu” 10″ x 16″

My granddaughter goes to ballet classes. Fortunately, this does not involve driving anywhere as the dance studio” Twin Rivers Dance Studio, Easton Pa” is next door to my own studio.

This is her third year. Each year she is in a ballet show at Lafayette university. Last year, it was “Sleeping Beauty”. It is beautiful to go each year and see the changes and improvement. She comes on stage with all the other butterflies that flit across the stage. I can see how Degas was fascinated with the ballet. It is all so graceful and full of expression through pantomime.

Here is a work portraying my granddaughter. Ruby is back stage with her Grandpa painting her and her brother is watching her from the painting I am working on. Recording her in her tutu will trigger great memories for her later in life.


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