Cherry Tree

" The cherry tree " 2014  o/c
” The cherry tree ” 2014 o/c

Across the street from one of my studio windows stands a cherry tree on property owned by a church. My drawing table is by the window and I watch the cherry tree go through the seasons.

Right now the leaves are a moth eaten red. They show the wear  and tear of a long hot summer. Soon the leaves will disappear. The branches will stand bare. The snow will cling to them at times and they will  draw their white lines against the red brick of the church wall.

In the spring, the cherry tree springs into flower of a deep embracing pink. Springtime is when the tree is at it’s peak of interest attracting both  bees and passersby –  and me from from my studio. I watch it go through it’s changes, all are beautiful. Soon, it will stand naked in the winter snow and I shall watch it from my studio – warm and watching.



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